As of today, the controversy surrounding squirting is not only unresolved but also still very alive. You might like to know that, not so long ago (around January of 2015) there was a Twitter revolution with the hashtag #NotPee that raised polemic points of view. This cyber revolt was a response to a study conducted by French scientists claiming that women who ejaculated were actually releasing pee. You can read more about this here but rest assured that other studies, however, observed that the liquid emitted during the so called female ejaculation was something other than urine.

While many women swear that female ejaculation is not a myth, and that it’s real and it’s manifested through the expulsion of a fluid that is not pee (hence the hashtag), many scientists still conclude that it is. We warned you: the field is still in the middle of being explored, so we are probably not going to solve all of your doubts here, but we do intend to raise some questions for you to think about: Is the endorsement of urine (just pee!) only a patriarchal strategy focused on denying sexual power to women? Some feminists claim so. Others, though, think that affirming the existence of female ejaculation is still a way of perpetuating male fantasies of a female orgasm similar to the masculine one… Is it just an inconclusive scientific study? Is it really such a complicated matter? Why isn’t anybody researching it further? The study claiming that it was pee was based on only seven women, and the other one on just two! Apparently, carrying out such studies and experiments is not that easy. Ok, we’ll take it.

Anyways, we can agree that the women involved in the #NotPee campaign were reclaiming their right to feel something that breaks the cannons of female sexuality. We cannot forget that, in the 19th century, Krafft-Ebing’s study of sexual perversion, Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) classified female ejaculation as a perversion or inversion related to neurasthenia and homosexuality. It was the first study that intended to classify human sexual behavior from a psychological point of view, so it is to be taken with a grain of salt, because the book describes sexual tendencies that are currently considered “normal” (and who dares to define what’s normal?!) as deviations. But, hey, our beloved Freud believed something similar. It is not surprising if we keep in mind that women who had and manifested sexual desire were considered hysterical, and often locked up in mad houses. Can you believe it?

Moreover, part of the controversy surrounding squirting lies in the existence or not of the G-spot and the Skene’s glands, supposedly a kind of para-urethral tissue and apparently the source of the fluid. We don’t intend to get too scientific here but another related debate regards the topic of whether squirting and female ejaculation are the same thing or not. Some say that they’re different things (differently fluids in nature as well) and this seems to be one of the causes for the general confusion about this phenomenon. Oh, well.

We can guarantee that at PiggyBankGirls we have tried to follow all of the scientific studies in order to give you an accurate panorama of the issue. However, the whole world remains in confusion. In the meantime, why don’t you see for yourself watching these women squirt? If it won’t make your doubts disappear, at least you will have a good time, and maybe you can ask them yourself when you watch their videos: always good to have an ice breaker!

Nora Barcelona squirts at the pool: you can tell she likes water! Elay Smith also likes to be soaked in H2O and she can show you in the shower, while YaoriAsian gets some help from her vibrator.

We hope you enjoyed these brief notes about squirting and, even more so, our girls’ videos!

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