Our first Valentine’s Piggy Princess Contest has arrived to an end! It has been a month full of thrill, excitement and pleasure! We wanted to thank everybody who participated and made this possible: both our very own PiggyBankGirls and our members.

And… we finally know who the winner is!!! Below you have a list of our 10 finalists and their amazing pictures. Enjoy yourself!

1. Ava Moore


2. Victoria Aloqua

Second position: Victoria Alouqua

3. Kat Aluna

Third position: Kat Aluna

4. lalyhot33

Fourth position: lalyhot33

5. Lady Susurro

Fifth position: Lady Susurro

6. Chloe Sanchez

Sixth position: Chloe Sanchez

7. angie0000

Seventh position: angie0000

8. Kandy_wet

Eighth position: kandy_wet

9. Sextwoo

Ninth position: Sextwoo

10. soraya wells pornstar

Tenth position: Soraya wells pornstar

We asked our winner Ava Moore a few questions and she gladly answered them for PiggyBankGirls: Ava Moore is a young 28-year-old woman who defines herself as a “sexy, Epicurean, libertine and exhibitionist who enjoys life to the 200%” and who likes to share these good times with her community. She’s going to use the money from her prize ($500!!!) to purchase underwear, heels and sex toys: “hmmmm, everything to spice up my live shows on my site ava-moore.com and my room cam4: dog”. Sounds like a plan!


When asked to reveal her secrets about winning she told us: “I hope to win other contests, I do not want to reveal my secrets, LOL, but my personal site that I developed has a great flow of daily visits and it brings me great help and a database I use for newsletters”. She also tweets offering free content to motivate her voters, so much that for the past two months her Twitter “has really exploded with more than 13.000 followers in addition” and although it takes her a lot of time she thinks it’s worth it because her followers are very committed and help her: “proof of that is your contest”.


She has a very nice message for all of her fans: “my community —I call them my aMoore (my loves) in reference to my name— is exceptional and supports me in all events and contests. I’ve won 3 contests in 1 month thanks to my fans. One word THANKS from the bottom of my heart my aMoore, I love you and this is only the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure”. Very well deserved congratulations to you, Ava!!

And congratulations as well to the rest of the winners!! 🙂

We also wanted to let you know that we are following up with another contest for the Piggy Princess of St. Patrick’s Day: stay tuned for more news!!

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