Sara Kroft, a beautiful 25-year-old Andalusian girl, is our Girl of the Week. As you can tell by her nickname, she’s quite the gamer!

The best thing about herself is her friendliness. She loves to feel wanted and she hates the lack of empathy. Her favorite food is Chinese.

Sara is very loving and cheerful: “it’s hard for me to feel annoyed about something and I’m always in a good mood”. She’s also very curious and horny, but most of all she’s fun to be around.

Currently, Sara is an erotic model and camgirl, she’s usually connected about 20-30 hours a week, and you will never feel indifference after one of her shows.

Sara Kroft lingerie

Sara remembers that, as soon as she turned 20, she started browsing an online sexshop looking for a sex toy for herself.

On the same site, she saw a contest for “the horniest photo” where girls sent their erotic pictures: “There were several prizes and all of them included dildos!”

Sara decided to participate and she started to discover her erotic and sensual side: “I had no clue my body was so striking in certain positions, and I was very surprised when I won the third prize”. She won 70 euros in cash and a dildo that she enjoyed for a long time.

This was how Sara realized she was attractive, and she searched for pages where she could show off, until she discovered videochats: “On my first day I was super excited and dedicated, although I felt very shy, but little by little I started to let go and I learned a lot about myself, and almost everything related to sex!”

Sara admires all the girls that do porn and videochat “and that won’t get intimidated by prejudices and what people might say”. She believes that “if you are passionate about something and you’re good at it, you have to keep going and stop worrying about what people think or say”. Sara loves that there are girls like her, that feel confident, nothing can stop them and they are where they wanna be: “I think that’s really admirable and worth noticing”.

Sara Kroft boobs

Sara loves that there are platforms like PiggyBankGirls, that give girls the opportunity to upload content in a secure and trustworthy way: “A place where we can show everybody our content, and be like a community with our own brand. I love your logo and the professionality you show while dealing with us so, us choosing you, gotta give you credit for that too!”

For Sara, one of the strangest situations was when a guy asked her to paint her whole face with a lipstick and smile like a dummy: “it was a very weird petition, I didn’t fully accomplish it because it was too surreal for me, but I did put quite a lot of lipstick on my mouth and it was funny to feel a little bit like a clown”, she explains laughing.

Sara Kroft lips

Sara is bisexual, and she hasn’t had many chances to have sex with a girl, so her ultimate fantasy would be to be alone with a girlfriend doing horny things to her without anybody interrupting: “There are no guys in this fantasy! I’m sorry!”.

By the way, the weirdest dream she’s had was having a penis, and her favorite sex toy is her anal plug.

The most beautiful place she has ever been to is the USA. If she could travel anywhere else she would go to Hawaii, to a beach hotel in a room with a view, close to shore, so that she could walk barefoot and drink a typical cocktail.

She loves videogames, and she considers herself a “gamer girl”, but she also loves going to the movies or watching movies and shows at home, walking her dogs, writing, cooking… Sara doesn’t have a favorite type of music: “I used to love rock, but these days I will listen to anything, except for rap!”. She’s a versatile girl.

Sara Kroft sailor

Her best kept secret is that she’s the daughter of a dubbing actor: “I always keep it a secret because I don’t like to mix my artistic and personal life, but now you’ll be curious! ;)”.

If Sara could spend a day in anybody else’s life it would be with somebody who isn’t here anymore, “and it would be completely unforgettable”.

If she could give advice to her younger self it would be: “Let go of your shyness, you’re gonna conquer the world!”. In the future, she sees herself doing the same thing because she’s good at it and she loves it: “But, when I’m 30 who knows if I’ll be married and with kids!”, she laughs.

Lastly, Sara loves her fans because they’re the ones who help her be like she wants to be, they admire her and get the best out of her, they’re her intimate companions when she feels horniest and her friends, also her cyber lovers: “They’re the ones who make sense out of my sexuality, with their restless gaze and their burning desire, always discovering my most wicked side”. Keep it up, Sara Kroft!

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