At PiggyBankGirls we are always trying to make the most out of your experience!

So we have decided to adjust our percentages for you to make more!


Up until this point, you used to get the 50% of your sales… Well, that is now a thing from the past: now you will earn the 60% of your sales!! How does that sound?


Because we really value your work and we want you to be happier and wealthier!


At PiggyBankGirls, your trusted platform.


Just make sure you upload as much content as you can!

It’s always better to upload videos of good quality, well recorded and original, where all your beauty and talents can be fully appreciated.

Also, make sure you promote your profile a lot on social media, especially on Twitter. Your hard work will pay off!

Make the most out of this new 60% deal with PiggyBankGirls, start uploading ALL your content and promote, promote, promote, girl!

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