Meet Lovely Liv, a.k.a. Lavonne Laroux, a sexy 23-year-old who comes “from the dirty south”.

LovelyLiv ass

She describes herself as “a sweet teensy weensy little demon girl” who “might make you cum, but then will eat your soul”. Wow!

The best thing about Liv is her black humor. Can you tell? She loves Jeremy Kyle and hates Nancy Grace. Actually, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be Security Steve from Jeremy Kyle. And her favorite food is pizza!

Liv is a fetish model and she only does prerecorded content.

LovelyLiv fetish

She works about 50 hours a week or more. She started on chaturbate when she was 22, because she was just tired of working for other people and being taken advantage of for her work ethic.

Our girl likes Syren Cove a lot: “I don’t agree with everything she says, but I like the fact that whether she loses followers or not, she speaks her mind. We need more women like that in the industry”. Liv also really likes Destiny Diaz, because she is very helpful in the industry and always super friendly.

Liv made a profile on PiggyBankGirls because she was trying out new sites at the time, in hopes of making more money: “I guess my favorite part would be tagging you guys on Instagram”.

The weirdest thing she ever did in front of a camera was the one time she was asked to eat chicken wings: “I mean it was an odd request, but I’d definitely do it 200 more times. I love chicken wings”.

Her ultimate fantasy is a MMF threesome with two guys with huge cocks “who would choke me with them and fuck me until I’m sore. Then afterwards we get a milkshake, then do it again”.

Lovely Liv cheerleader

You might also like to know that her favorite sex toy is her Lush!

Did you know the nicest place Liv has ever been to is Knoxville, TN? But if she could go to one place in the world, it would be the UK: “I love British people so much”.

In her free time she likes to draw, sculpt, sing and pretty much any kind of art you can think of. Another fun fact about Liv is that, in her weirdest dream, she ate her ex’s cat, Pickles.

When asked to share a secret with us Liv confessed that she had body dysmorphia for over 10 years, and “making indy porn was the only thing to even get me out of it”.

Lovely Liv legs

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Life evens out, just keep your head up”.

In the next five years, Liv hopes she has found enough people to get involved to make her site bigger. She would love to host other girls and eventually have her own affiliate site, along with more options for the girls working for her. She’d love to even start a YT specifically for this site and cam model vlogs: “A lot of us are jacks of many trades, and I’d love to show that more to our audience”.

Lastly, she loves her fans because some are incredibly supportive and have her back even more than those she knows in real life: “Also, at a point I blew my knee out and was down for a month. They sent me gift cards, food, anything I needed to make sure I was okay”. Go Lovely Liv!

LovelyLiv butt

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