KittyLittleCaT is one of our PiggyBankGirls: she was Girl of the Week back in February and she loves our website. When she received our gift box she didn’t think twice!




All she wanted was to make her own sexy content with our fun goodies: “It was an excellent box of great useful things, that I love”.




Don’t miss her naughty pictures wearing the PiggyBankGirls merchandising! She’s gonna use our presents to keep her coins, for the summer or to write her notes.




We asked what advice would she give to other girls in order to improve their experience on PiggyBankGirls, and how can they improve their profile and their sales. This was her answer: “The connection with the members, always be polite, say thanks when you are supported, create more content of appreciation, like free one, and always keep in touch”. We do believe these are really valuable recommendations!




Lastly she wanted to send a message to her fans worldwide: “You are always extremely appreciated, and my messenger is always open and I answer everyone on PiggyBankGirls”.




We are looking forward to more of her exclusive PiggyBankGirls content! 🙂




To see the rest of  KittyLittleCaT’s pictures click here.

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