This week we are introducing gorgeous Katrina Moreno, a stunning 27-year-old beauty from Uruguay, who defines herself as a very crazy, extroverted, transparent and non-judgmental woman.

Katrina Moreno shows us her boobs

The best things about herself are her spontaneity and craziness, which she enjoys every second of her life. She loves to spend her free time with her animals or hanging out with friends making music. She hates people who talk too much: “the ones who are nosy and who like to pry into other people’s lives”. Her favorite food is sushi.

Other than being a pornstar, Katrina Moreno also sings. She started in the adult industry in 2013, following a proposal a friend made for a new company that needed new girls: “It took me a while to respond but I did”. She’ll never forget her first scene, it was a photo shoot with another blonde girl and a black guy with green eyes.

Katrina values the work of all the colleagues that somehow sell their intimacy in front of the camera and enjoy it: “Among Spanish girls I really admire Rebeca Linares”. If she could spend a day in the life of anyone, it would be Paris Hilton.

Katrina is on PiggyBankGirls because she thought it was “fun to open a profile where my followers and new people can get to know what I do from a less professional point of view, bolder, because it’s a way to show what I do after a scene. More sex…”.

Katrina Moreno laying in bed

The strangest thing Katrina has ever done in front of a camera was a scene with her childhood friend.

“And on top of it all, it was a double penetration. The first time we worked together and the first time we were intimate”. She says at the beginning it was a little awkward but then everything flowed “and our friendship is just still the same”.

Katrina Moreno outdoors sunglasses

Her ultimate fantasy would be to do it in the store window of a mall, because she loves to do crazy things. Her favorite sex toy is a small dildo in the shape of a C that she always carries in her purse: “It’s so cool, hahaha”.

The most beautiful place she’s ever been to is Dubai, and if she could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Oceania: “There are beautiful places there and an incredible fauna that you can only find there”.

Her hobby are dogs, she’s been competing in dog exhibitions for years. It’s something she truly loves: “Also, I always take in homeless animals, currently I have 3 rescue animals”. In regards to music, she loves all of it!! Also, she loves singing and writing songs. The weirdest dream she’s ever had included her parents becoming her pets, she laughs.

Katrina Moreno naked outdoors

Katrina confesses she doesn’t have any secrets because she’s very open and honest: “A funny story I can tell you is when I first started in the industry and I ended up being in a relationship with somebody in the industry, who wasn’t an actor”.

“And it wasn’t allowed according to our contract. He wanted to keep it a secret and I wanted to be funny so I would surprise him everywhere. Sex everywhere in secret. It was fun”.

If she could give a piece of advice to her younger self it would be “don’t be so hot-headed when making decisions. I wouldn’t be married if I weren’t!”, she admits laughing.

When Katrina thinks about the future, she recognizes it’s hard to tell where she’s gonna be in 5 years because the truth is everything can change, but if for now she figures she want to keep doing porn, she would also like to work in the field of music.

She adores her fans because they constantly show her affection and they support every crazy idea she has: “If it weren’t for them this wouldn’t be so much fun. Hi all!”. Thanks for a fascinating interview, Katrina!

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