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Our girl of the week is Hentaidreamgirl, aka Camilla, from Bulgaria: “I’m always 22 years old —that means I’m old as fuck, and I don’t want to talk about my real age“, she admits laughing. Hentaidreamgirl finds it hard to describe herself, but if someone is interested about her shows she can tell them that she’s “a unique looking girl with many costumes, wigs and toys”. She has nice skills to change her look and she tries her best to make nice custom clips or photos.

cosplay hentaidreamgirl piggybankgirls

The best thing about her is that she can change her look with her makeup skills.

Hentaidreamgirl loves sushi and hates lies. If she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be herself because she loves to be alone.

Hentaidreamgirl has been working as a camgirl since she was 27, and you can find her on several clip sale sites too, on solo videos with toys and POV style. She makes her own clips and always retouches, cuts and edits them to offer nice content. She’s always trying to improve: “To tell you the truth I chose this job, because I don’t have another chance to live a normal life. My country is poor and I didn’t want to get married and have children for my financial security. I’m a free bird, I don’t want to be a servant or a slave. If I’m a slave I get paid, this is the only way”.

pretty ass hentaidreamgirl piggybankgirls

Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend left her debts, so she was forced to camming after the breakup, to pay out his debts

“That was horrible and I really hate it, ‘cause I’m not that kind of girl, I never cheated in my life”. She felt very bad at the beginning, but she realized this is a job too, and after that she started to set up several sites to sell her clips, and she quit her normal job to be a full time adult performer.

She has two heroines in the industry, they helped her a lot and gave her many tips. Hentaidreamgirl used to be a makeup artist and hairstylist, so she got to know many girls: “When I forced myself to camming Bibi Noel and Dorothy Black guided me. These two people have a very big heart. When I felt very bad they explained this is just a job, when I was having a hard time they were always there”.

doggystyle hentaidreamgirl piggybankgirls

Her favorite sex toy is her buttplug!

She chose PiggyBankGirls because she’s always searching for new clip sale sites: “I hope I can make money here too, I have lots of content in lots of styles”. The weirdest thing she has had to do are videos about armpit fetish: “I really don’t get it why should I lick my own armpit, and spit on it :D. I do it, just don’t get how can guys get off to this type of fetish”. Hentaidreamgirl cannot tell us about her ultimate fantasy because it’s very “creepy”: “I love snuff and gore very much, so you can imagine *munch munch*”.

fantasy babes hentaidreamgirl piggybankgirls

The nicest place she has ever been to is Venice but her biggest dream is a Japan trip so she has already started to save money for that. Her favorite music at the moment is synthwave, with musicians like Perturbator or Alex: “As you can see I’m very geeky, but the right word is ‘otaku’ because I love Japanese movies, anime and video games”. In her free time, Hentaidreamgirl likes gaming, drawing and reading or playing with her British short hair cat. The weirdest dream she ever had was when she had SUNDS.

Hentaidreamgirl has been officially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, which means she’s a highly functioning autistic person

“I’m very smart but I cannot go out very often, ‘cause I have several problems with noises and people around me. The sensory overloads don’t let me live a normal life, I can only work at home. My government thinks I’m trash, they don’t support autistic or other handicapped people here. We don’t have autistic friendly workplaces, maybe if I had been born in another country I would have another job”, she declares.

cosplay college girl hentaidreamgirl piggybankgirls

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Only believe in yourself. The only person you can trust is yourself!”. In the future, Hentaidreamgirl plans on making more clips and photo sets and she doesn’t want to stop her cam work either “because in this country as an autistic woman it’s not possible to make this amount of money, with a normal job”. Her future plans also include travelling to Japan, buying a bigger house and keeping her beauty with plastic surgeries, because she doesn’t want to stop. She would also like to get a better computer, a camera, costumes and more toys. Lastly, she loves her fans because “they pay well”. Good luck, Hentaidreamgirl!

cosplay college girl hentaidreamgirl piggybankgirls

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