Our Girl of the Week is Fetish Foxy from Porto, in Portugal, who describes herself as “many things, proactive, happy but with a bad temper sometimes”. She confesses her ID says she’s 38 but she feels young at mind. Foxy is very prolific: she has a degree in Forensics, she’s a writer with one book in the libraries and another one being soon released, she’s an actress of BDSM films as a Mistress and she also owns a BDSM toys and furniture brand (bdsmglobal) and a BDSM residence (kinkyredroom).

Foxy loves adventures and challenges, although she also admits she’s a romantic at heart “but a beast when people try to run me over”. She is fun to hang out and to cuddle with as well, and “you can invite me to a rave or to see a film with a blanket on the couch!”. The best thing about her is that she is a true friend and things go wild with her. She loves her son and hates envy. Her favorite food is sushi!

Foxy Fetish started with BDSM movies for Genuine films. The first time she filmed in Antwerp at @Fetish Café and she explains: “it was nerve-wracking but great and I got addicted”. She works a lot between the brand, the books, the residence and the sessions, but she loves her job. She also used to webcam for some years but she does it less currently because she prefers to perform in sessions as a Dominatrix, that way she gets to travel a lot and to know dungeons all over the world: “Slaves take care of the trips, hotel, dungeons and serve me during my stay”. That’s probably why the nicest place she’s ever been to is her own dungeon. Surprised?


She started in this industry because it came so natural to her: “I started a blog about alternative lives in 2005, I wrote about Swing, BDSM and took hot pictures as a couple. I started going to swing clubs and ended up doing BDSM shows…”. Foxy opened a BDSM oriented store in 2006 and gave workshops to young people about safety and fetish: “Well, I was pulled to that world because I was the only one talking about it….10 years ago!”. Therefore, the person she looks up to in the field is herself: “In my country I am the only one almost…so ME! I keep trying to upgrade myself!”. However, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be well-known publisher and playboy Hugh Hefner.

She got to know PiggyBankGirls at the Salón Erótico de Barcelona: “I got some gifts that I love, the promoters were amazing and they signed me up! It’s great, just simple enough and converts well!”. And we are so glad to have you with us!


When we asked her what was the weirdest thing she had ever done in front of a camera she told us about the one time when she made a girl squirt: “but she didn’t say that she could do it, so I was wearing these giant boots and I fell down the stage. People got soaked, it was this firefighter huge squirt…”. Sounds wild!

In her ultimate fantasy she always dreams of this hotel: “white curtains, wind blowing, hot breeze caressing the skin… sex in the late afternoon… with my hot lover… both tanned… skin moist and… you get the idea! I have done all my complex fantasies, the simple one are what I’m missing! :P”. So when it comes to playing, she likes to keep it simple too: her favorite sex toy is her magic wand. And talking about dreams, in the weirdest one she ever had she was having sex with a stranger that played guitar: “wtf (why the guitar?)”.


In her spare time she works out (it’s a new thing for her!). She also loves animals and she’s very eclectic regarding music: “I like almost everything but for me there’s no music like the oldies”. If she could go to one place in the world, she would choose Greece. Next month she will go to Ibiza and she went to Brazil in 2016 for the second time: she travels whenever she wants. And here’s a shocker! She lives with husband number one and husband number two: “I call them the work husband and the house husband. Missing a manager husband to deal with the numbers”. Any volunteers?

If Foxy could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be “go to a big country in Europe, you will be a millionaire at 25”. In the future she will relocate “for my summer breeze. I will show up muscled”. She also plans on making more films, going to more erotic fairs and performing more sadistic plays: “I will be in a club in Ibiza that will open this year with two more mistresses, for some wild play!”. Her fans are extremely important to her because “they always make me smile every day in the morning!”. Thank you for a great interview, Foxy!


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