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Ava Moore says she chose PiggyBankGirls because our platform is user-friendly and highlights the models. And she loves the video previews!

This week we are delighted to introduce 28-year-old Ava Moore, a beauty from France who defines herself as “a libertine, very exhibitionist and very naughty”. She’s a camgirl on a famous cam site and she also has her own website. Ava confesses that the best things about herself are her personality and her ass. Her favorite food is cheese (but hush, it’s a secret!), she hates jealousy and she loves sex, “logic!”.

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Ava claims that working in the adult industry wasn’t something she chose, it just came naturally to her. She’s a graduate in computer engineering, and she began making free cam shows on a “libertine” site. After that, a girlfriend spoke to her about the cams site and she tried her luck almost three years ago. She doesn’t model after anyone: “I have my own style :)”. In fact even if she could spend a day in the life of anyone she would still choose herself: “…er I would not change my life for nothing, I am very much in the skin of Ava Moore”. Good for you!

The funniest situation Ava has found herself in was when she was surprised in the forest by hikers “while my sex friend had her tongue in my ass ^^”. You might like to know that in her strangest dream she had a male sex!

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In her little free time Ava likes to play sports, she goes to the gym to practice rpm and bodypump: “I prefer group lessons: they motivate me more”. The most beautiful place she has ever been to is Barcelona, where she stayed for a weekend at a hotel with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. If she could go to a place in the world it would be Peru, “for its totally different culture”. Interesting!

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Her ultimate fantasy would be a female orgy with girls as hot as her.

Her advice to a novice girl would be “do not look at the other camgirls, but keep your own personality on your cam shows and videos because copies are always worse than the original, the message is passed”. In the future, Ava aims to have 100k followers by the end of the year as she is more and more active on Twitter. She also wants to update her site and make even more videos —“always hotter”— for her fans: she loves them because “they are the best of all” :). ¡Way to go, Ava!

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