“I’m a bubbly big booty who loves to be naughty and joke around”

This week we want you to meet Kiki, a beautiful girl in her twenties, who lives in “a smack dab in the middle of a little place called Toronto”: “I’m a bubbly big booty who loves to be naughty and joke around. Sometimes at the same time. It’s very erotic”, she laughs.

 Kiki PlumpAss

The best things about Kiki are her personality, her “bubble butt”, and her determination. She loves the people who support her every day, and she hates olives! Her favorite food is Brooklyn Pizza.

Kiki is a full-time camgirl and she makes her own content: “I once thought I’d love to be a pornstar but now that’s only 50% true”. She stumbled into the adult industry kind of accidentally because she moved to a new city and was looking for work. One day while watching porn an ad popped-up with a hot girl sitting in her room: “I watched her for an hour and I was intrigued so I looked her up”. She ended up researching this “camgirl thing” and “here I am 5 years later”. She was 19 when she started. True story.

Kiki PlumpAss

Kiki looks up to many women in the camgirl world and she would feel bad if she left any of them out: “I’m sorry in advance ladies!, but here are the camgirls that inspired me while I was new and some that still inspire me today: ChronicLove, GinnyPotter, AmberCutie, DestinyDiaz, AspenRae, VeronicaChaos, Miss_Lollipop, HouswWifeSwag, GingerBanks, PicNic and MissMolly. I know I am missing at least 100 others”. We’re sure they will forgive you!

Kiki PlumpAss

Kiki made a profile on PiggyBankGirls because she researched online for an adult funding/campaign site and our site checked most, if not all, of her boxes

“When I first started the site was just for campaigns and now it is much more and I can’t wait to add more content to my profile!”
The weirdest dream she’s ever had was walking into work fully clothed. She also told us about the weirdest thing she’s ever done in front of the camera: “Man, there’s a lot of weird, but one thing that stands out is someone tipped me to sexually lick off the frosting of 4 cupcakes while riding a dildo. It was deliciously weird”. You bet!

Her ultimate fantasy is to be ravaged by an entire basketball team

“Honestly, it could be any sport”, she confessed. Her favorite sex toy is her Lush Lovense. If Kiki could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be Mila Kunis “because… Ashton Kutcher”.

The nicest place she has ever been to is Toronto, but there are so many places Kiki would love to see in the world. She really wants to take a European vacation: “maybe backpacking through Europe would be fun!”.

In her free time Kiki loves to paint, she says she’s not that great at it but she enjoys it. Most of the art in her cam room is her own art. She makes YouTube videos and she’s also learning to play the ukulele: “It’s more difficult than I thought but I am really enjoying it”. Her secret is that she lives in Canada, but she’s not actually from Canada… hush!

Kiki PlumpAss

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be “try harder, stay longer, and you are beautiful”.

In the future “hopefully you guys can see me with bigger boobs if that campaign (project) works out”. In the next 5 years Kiki still sees herself as a camgirl and an expert ukulele player.
Lastly, Kiki loves her fans because “they are the best supporters anyone could ask for and they make me feel special!”. Go Kiki!

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