Anna is a “cute MILF with the girl next door look, teasey, friendly, flirty type of personality”.


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This week our Girl of the Week is 37-year-old Anna Joy from Manchester, England. The best thing about herself is that she’s sweet and down to earth. She loves people who love her and hates loud mouthed people. Her favorite food is Italian!

She describes herself as a “cute MILF with the girl next door look, teasey, friendly, flirty type of personality”. However, she declares that people are sometimes surprised by her laid back personality with a slight shyness “and massive stoner chick”.

Anna is an award nominated Pornstar, model, cam girl and ex Babestation Unleashed/sexstation girl

AnnaJoy blonde

“I appeared on Stormbabestv and in top shelf magazines such as Paul Raymond Escort Magazine and I have lapdanced too”. Very productive!

She first started out in the industry when she was 31, shooting nude only photoshoots in Manchester. The following week she was working for the likes of Television x Harmony Films Bluebird film, and fetish sites like Wankitnow Billshoneys and Babestations Webshow Sexstation, live naked Babestation and their Xtreme shows.

Her heroes in the industry are Lolly Badcock and Michelle Thorne. She shot with Michelle on the day Babestation invited her down for a casting.

AnnaJoy shower

If she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be “someone wealthy but happy and beautiful, it wouldn’t matter who”.

Good to know that Anna made a profile on PiggyBankGirls because she likes the site name.

AnnJoy stairs

She also thought it would be “a good way to show off my own content instead of just shooting for others”. Very happy to have you around!

When we asked her about her ultimate fantasy she said she’s done most but she’s always open to suggestions. The weirdest thing she has ever done in front of a camera was when she shot come from her ass, she laughs.

Anna Joy swing

If she could go to one place in the world, it would be Florida’s Disney World and actually she has already gone but she confesses she’s a “Disney Princess with my head in the clouds”.

In her spare time she does crossfit, runs, swims and likes going to the spa, eating out, watching shows and going on trips and holiday shopping.

Her darkest secret is that she’s a sub in the bedroom but a boss at all other times! But don’t tell!

AnnaJoy breasts

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self, it would be: “Always be myself”. In 5 years she sees herself shooting girl/girl scenes, solos, fetish, making her own content and still enjoying webcam: “I’m having my boobies enhanced in July so will be taking a short break to recover. But I’d never say never about returning to Babechannel work and I sometimes think of returning to lapdancing in my home town of Manchester”.

Anna loves her fans because “they make my dream job possible and always support me x”. Keep it up Anna!

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