Who said you’re not a feminist if you take off your clothes? A lot of people out there are still judging women for showing their boobs. Most recently Emma Watson has been criticized for this reason. Why don’t we stop censoring and condemning women and their bodies? Tolerance must come from within! Maybe we could understand female empowerment better if we knew some examples of women who had an important role in the development of female sexual freedom.

The history of women is plagued with stories of females who were pioneers in the sex industry and who were often stigmatized for their incursion on the public sphere and for their practice of obscenity. Although the industry of porn has evolved into full disclosure of sexual practices, the first sex shows revolved mostly around striptease and erotic dances, with women as protagonists. So, striptease can be seen as a form of dissidence and subversion that contributed greatly to sexual liberation. Today we are presenting only five of the numerous strippers, burlesque dancers and vedettes from the first part of the 20th century.

Possibly the most famous one in the 50’s, “Queen of Pinups” Bettie Page (1923-2008) from Nashville, Tennessee, appeared in a series of bondage photos for which she was prosecuted in 1957. She was in Playboy magazine and posed naked for dozens of photographers in fetish depictions, with her characteristic black hair and bangs. There is no doubt that she had a huge influence on pop culture and was a reference for many others to come. The recent authorized biographical documentary Bettie Page Reveals All (2012) will interest you if you’re a fan.


Gypsy Rose Lee (1911-1970) was possibly the most famous burlesque legend and vedette who was popular for her striptease act. Known as the “intellectual stripper”, she was also an actress and a writer. Her memoir was made into the stage musical and film Gypsy. She started dancing to sustain herself and her mother after her sister eloped. One day she was on stage, her strap broke and her dress fell so she became a stripper accidentally.


Stripper and burlesque comedian Blaze Starr (1932-2015) was called “The Hottest Blaze in Burlesque” because of her creativity and energetic attitude on stage. This redhead curvy pornstar also was known for her affair with the Louisiana Governor at the time.


The “Queen of Exotic Dancers”, redheaded Tempest Storm (1928-) is still a burlesque artist and actress. She has performed in many clubs around the US and also appeared in several men’s magazines.


Last but not least, Texan stripper Candy Barr (1935-2005) was also a burlesque dancer, an actress, and an adult model in men’s magazines around the 50’s. She appeared in underground porn movies of the decade, and used to dress as a cowgirl. She was arrested allegedly for marihuana possession, although it is said that it was a setup to punish her for her disclosed obscenity. Other famous strippers among many others include Lili St. Cyr, Ann Corio, Faith Bacon, Florenz Ziegfield or Sally Rand.


From PiggyBankGirls, we wanted to pay homage to these women who fought for the liberation of female sexuality by getting naked in front of an audience. Today, well into the 21st century, bondage and striptease continue to be popular forms of porn as we can see in the content our girls offer. We have 5 videos for you today:

Spanish alternative model and performer MissBlaze actually has a very similar look to Bettie Page. She made this set of bondage and fetish professional photographs, playing with her submission necklace in her bedroom and then going to the shower. Don’t miss it!

LizbethTeller is a great stripper from Detroit, so much that she has her own dance pole at home. You can enjoy several of her videos where she performs pirouettes while dancing naked, like this live cam video where she gets tipped. You can order a custom video from her too!

Las Vegas based BareNakedChef and her pretty Miss Olivia Black want you to enjoy this fun and intimate striptease/lap dance. Hot and steamy! Two beauties for the price of one!

Portuguese Erica Fontes chooses a dream place to perform her striptease: a cruise! She gets hot and dances, dances, dances… Wanna watch?

Also from Vegas, Riley loves to strip and she does it in the rain! She gets almost completely naked… except for her white thongs! Enjoy her outdoorsy video!

We hope you like these videos and that you don’t forget the wonderful women that make them for you. Happy International Women’s Day to all of our PiggyBankGirls heroes and princesses!


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