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This week we are going to learn a few more things about 24 year-old Harper Cox (although she likes to lie and say she’s 22!), originally from Lancaster, PA but residing in Rhode Island at the moment: “and it’s much better that way”, she claims. She thinks the best thing about herself is her unbridled sexuality, and she would describe herself as “being a little out there”, because she knows she’s different but she really celebrates that. She confesses it’s hard for her to tame her enthusiasm and that she’s kind of maniac, in more ways than one:

“I’ll sing Taylor Swift songs at the top of my lungs until I pass out, only to turn around and let a whole group of guys cum all over my face. I make up songs in the aisles of Target, I jump in rain puddles, and I cry at commercials. I fangirl over my Dom on a daily basis and drink way too much wine always. I squeal and do happy dances whenever I’m allowed to get pop tarts at the grocery store, as well as when my Dom takes me to the bathroom for a watersports scene”.

big tits harper cox

I throw gangbang parties as often as I possibly can and visit the porn booths when I can’t.

And these are just a few examples of how her eclectic personality really shows. She also recognizes she has a strong selfie addiction as well as a rimming one. She thrives on being the center of attention but then she gets shy once she’s there. The dirtier or seedier the scene she is in, the happier her heart: “The more glitter and color that coats any object, the more I value it”. We are not surprised to hear that the weirdest dream she had involved glitter raining down “and that was pretty sweet”.

Harper is currently an escort and fetish model, but she is hoping to build a website and get into porn more professionally this coming year. She works all the time! She’s always talking to her fans, building her brand and communicating with her team. And when she is not doing that, she’s throwing sex parties, meeting clients or going to photo shoots. A very busy life indeed! In fact, one wouldn’t believe she never saw this industry as her possible career, but she started doing kink and sex work about a year ago and posting pornographic photos of herself on Fetlife and her account “kind of just blew up”. She believes that the attention and the demand for her content is kind of intoxicating in a way that she never felt before, and she just wants to relish in that feeling for as long as she can.

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Our girl feels drawn to this industry because of the empowerment that comes from it. Harper makes indeed a powerful statement about porn performers: “There’s something to be said for women who can put themselves out there publicly as a sexual being and then still demand respect and hold their own in an intelligent conversation”. She loves the idea of getting to be someone like that and explains that having to defend herself and stand up for her lifestyle has really given her a different kind of confidence and liberation. The first thing she did in this industry was host sex parties for men in her area and it just kept getting larger and larger, and these days she travels all over the country doing them: “It’s fantastic and magical and totally wild!”. You will also like to know that Harper’s favorite sex toy is just a real penis cumming!

Her favorite pornstar is Annette Shwartz because she’s “filthy and unabashed in her kink and it is amazing!

Harper Cox really looks up to Bailey Jay “because she has this whole badass, don’t fuck with me vibe but an amazing sense of humor as well. She really reminds me to not take things so seriously all the time, I like how she enjoys her life even while she changes the world”. Our girl also thinks Stoya should be “a patron saint for us sluts” and she thinks she’s fantastic on all levels.

When we asked her why did she choose PiggyBankGirls she confesses that her husband found our website and she fell in love with us immediately: “I love that there’s a place on the internet that celebrates and encourages women to own their sexual liberation and then also gives them a space to brag while they find the help and support they need”. The appreciation is mutual, Harper!

She believes she has never really done anything too weird in front of a camera but she admits when she watches her videos she always feels weird about how awkward and goofy she looks, even during a sex scene: “I can’t ever like compartmentalize myself and so my normal everyday personality comes out even when I’m trying to channel a pornstar. Like, I think there’s a video of me doing a bukkake somewhere and in it I stop sucking this guy’s dick to belt out the bridge of a Taylor Swift song that was playing and when I saw it I was just horrified, I don’t know why I do that”. Well, indeed originality is her brand.

gangbang harper cox piggybankgirls

Her ultimate fantasy would include “paparazzi flashes everywhere. Hahaha just kidding”. Actually it would be a huge bukkake scene where she would be tied up in the middle of a huge room and there would be a hundred men who get to cum on her. She also would love to be a part of a legitimate large scale orgy, with people of all genders and sexual orientations and everyone surrendering to physical feelings and hedonistic vibes: “No worries about societal judgments or constraints, just pure pleasure. I wish the whole world was like that”. That’s why she hates uneducated judgment and ignorance the most.

The nicest place she has ever been is a really fancy hotel in Las Vegas where she once had a party. The hotel had two floors and she loved that there was a TV inside of their bathroom mirror: “inside of it!”. If she could go to one place in the world, it would be Taylor Swift‘s living room, preferably with her in it, and a cup of tea. Funny place to be! Harper also hates cold weather to the point of making her angry, so another option would be to go with her friends to Bora Bora or somewhere where she could stay in houses above the water and jet ski everywhere. Her husband and her friends are everything to her so she loves hanging out with them —preferably drinking mimosas— because she hates being alone. She also loves to write: “If I had any self discipline at all I think I would have written a book by now”. And she also enjoys watching good movies curled up with her husband.

Her favorite food are French fries but she also loves pretzels, pizza and pasta and any kind of carb.

Her favorite music is… Can you guess? Of course, Taylor Swift! And “in a really unhealthy way”, but she also likes anything with good lyrics, everything that resonates with her. It is no surprise that if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be Gigi Hadid because that way, she laughs, she could have long legs and be Taylor’s best friend.

Harper Cox loves her fans because she says “they’re fucking badass and they’re funny and they are so so kind. Also, they genuinely love me for me, which is such a liberating feeling”. She’s very open and vulnerable and never keeps things from them but when asked to share a secret she confesses she used to be a bully: “Growing up in elementary school and middle school I was such a mean girl! I think that’s why it’s so important to me that I’m nice to people and that I surround myself with people who are nice, I don’t like being reminded of that person”. We believe it would probably help if she could have been able to give this wise piece of advice to that younger self: “Your life is going to get so much better! For real! You’ve just go to get there”. It will also get better in the future, as her plans include to get big enough that a TV network picks her story up and makes a show out of her journey and she becomes “the next Kardashian”, she explains laughing.

Aside from joking, she has realistic dreams as well, as she wants her site to do well, make her fans proud and win a few AVN awards. But more than anything, she just wants to keep empowering her fans “to embrace who they are and to celebrate their kinks or their sexual orientation or their bodies or whatever they have that makes them ‘different’ to society”. She also thinks it would be cool if she could finally write a book. From PiggyBankGirls we wish you the best of luck in all your projects, Harper!

big tits harper cox

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