Brace yourselves because this week we are meeting Goodgrl_Cindy, a 21-year-old European beauty.

Cindy ass

Cindy describes herself as “friendly, cynical 99% of the time and a bit crazy (if I’m around the right people 😉 )”. The best thing about her is her waist and her outgoing personality. She loves food (her favorite is cheesecake) and hates negative people who feed off other’s good energies.

Cindy has been a full-time camgirl on Chaturbate for over two years now, which have been the best years of her life: “My cam schedule always changes but I always try my best to cam at least 4 times a week, for as long as I can stay on”.

Cindy doggy

She started off when she was 18, because she got really frustrated with her lifestyle as a full-time waitress and decided to try something she always joked about starting. Within the industry, Cindy admires anyone who’s able to multitask having a personal life yet still stay dedicated to work, because “it can get really easy to forget you have a life outside this job”.

Cindy opened an account with us back when PiggyBankGirls was only a campaign site: “I started off a campaign for a new phone, back when I was studying & didn’t have the cash to buy it or time to work. PiggyBankGirls offered me a platform to raise money in exchange for content. I ended up getting a new phone and I’m so thankful for this platform!”

Cindy lights

The weirdest thing she ever did in front of a camera was when a guy wanted a scuba diving mask custom… “Who knows…”.

Also, her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi because “Hitachi is LIFE ♥”

If she could go to one place in the world, it would be a hard choice! But she would definitely love to go to New Zealand, or Iceland: “I’ve always dreamed about doing a super long trip in the US too”. Regarding places she’s been she makes it real clear: “It’s not about where you’re at, but about who you’re with ;)”

Cindy kitchen

Cindy shared a top secret with us! She used to go to a religious school till the 7th grade. Shhh! If she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be Dan Bilzerian.

Although Cindy has no clue where she’ll be in 5 years, she wants to “grow business wise, set enough time aside to enjoy the company of my loved ones, and keep up this amazing lifestyle this job allows me to have”.

In the weirdest dream she ever had she poked a hole through her Iphone: “Maybe I should start a new phone campaign just in case”. LOL

Cindy naked

If Cindy could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Nothing! All of your past mistakes brought us to where we are today! Well done young me ♥”.

Lastly, Cindy loves her fans because they are simply the best: “We all have our own things going on in our lives, but they still find the time to come on cam, hang out with me, and show their support whenever they can! ♥”

Cindy neck

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