We thought that while we already provide for your virtual sex life, it wouldn’t hurt to pimp your real sex life up a tiny bit. So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.
And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. But unlike in the Bible, we think that you have to put something in there first before anything cool can happen. For example a finger.

g spot stimulation

Why should you finger her in the first place?

As you might know, men have a really predominant erogenous zone – women basically have the same thing, but the vagina is kind of an asshole (not literally, at least in this sense not…), really the cat of genitals and you have to flatter it and ensnare it before it’s ready to be pleasured. Don’t ask me why, it seems like a crude joke, but that’s how it is, so we have to deal with it. Bottom line: Apply the finger (or the tongue, but that’s not the issue here) before you can apply your dick. That’s why.
Also, for the more selfless people of the male gender, it’s scientifically proven that some unidirectional attention is seen as politeness by most of the women.
No, seriously, clitoral stimulation works much better on most of the women than vaginal stimulation, so that’s why you have to direct your focus towards there to make her horny.

First things first

Clean your nails! You don’t cut stuff in Teflon pans with sharp knives, you don’t put your hands under the lawn mower when it’s still on, and you don’t finger a pussy with long finger nails. There are sensitive mucous membranes down there! I have no idea how all the porn stars do it with their 3 inch fake nails – a lot of training or a lot of pain resistance, I guess. So cut the nails. And wash your hands before (or keep them clean in general – that’s not only fingering advice, but life advice. You’re welcome.). Once again: Mucous membranes – they suck everything off your hand, and dirt is not something you want to have in your body.

Keep it slow

Now as I said, female genitalia are somewhat dumber than their male counterparts. Dicks immediately know what’s going on, pussies have to be introduced slowly to the idea that there’ll be some sexual contact soon. Btw, let me say at this point that women are as various as – I don’t know… they’re fucking various. So what I’m telling you here can be completely wrong for a woman, but completely right for the other one. In my opinion, what I’m telling you is what accounts for most of the women. There is no ultimate truth (you see, we already got to philosophy – we’re very close to religion).
So work your way down there, pay attention to every body part, get only slowly to the sensitive parts and take your time before you get to her treasure chest.

Keep it moist

If you begin with the whole fingering thing, it’s important that your finger is moist. Now it may look somewhat creepy if you put your finger in your mouth first or do whatever with your own body fluids, so just search for moisture on your woman. There, everything depends on how wet she gets – if she’s no waterfall, you normally search in her inner labia. Be tender – as long as it’s not wet down there, everything is a bit irritable.

What to do, what to do?

Cool – she’s horny, she’s wet, you can do your thing. Now don’t panic! It’s just sex, after all. Always look at her reactions of what you’re doing. Look if she wants your finger in her or if she prefers some light (or hard) pressure on her clit at one moment or the other. For those who are not familiar with female body language: Moaning is good, grinding is good. A silent and motionless woman is either not really comfortable, or she’s dead. In both cases, you won’t be able to give her an orgasm.
You can also do both things: Remember, you’ve got two hands, you can work with that! Or put your palm on her clit and finger her at the same time – that works as well. But as I said: Look at her reactions, she’ll tell you herself.


It’s like that with everything in life: Begin slow, continue faster, harder, stronger. Even good old Goethe said that somewhere. I think. Your girl will tell you by the movements of her hips how fast, how deep, how intense she wants it. Maybe, she’s the kind of woman who gets really sensitive when she’s close to orgasm, so it could also be possible that you’ll have to slow things down. But generally, it works the other way.
The only thing is: Don’t hurt her. Imagine yourself getting a nice wet blowjob and suddenly, you’ve got her teeth buried deep in your shlong. That’s how it is when you’re too rough towards the end – and towards the beginning, for that matter – just don’t hurt her at all, except when she asks for it, and I don’t mean that “she asked for it”, but when she really asks you to be a little bit rougher. You’ll catch the drift.

So much for fingering. You can thank me later. If she leaves you because your fingering is just too horrible anyway, don’t blame it on me, I didn’t finger her! When, for some reason, I DID finger her and she leaves you for that, take my excuses. But until than, have fun with your fingers and your girl’s vagina!


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