It seems like a good deal, doesn’t it? Wanking and planting .

But what is

It is a non-profit organization created last August 2016 by two French students —Fabien Sabatié and Antoine Fromaget— whose main goal is to plant trees where they are necessary. They want you to know that “the more you fap, the more we’ll plant trees!” and they have a transparent policy when it comes to their revenues. Everyone is free to join and to get a closer look at their finances in the Official Journal.

Trees and tits? You are probably wondering why this peculiar relationship. Fabien claims he came up with the idea after smoking a joint! They realized how popular porn is in the cyber world and they decided it was imperative to make something out of it in the real one, to help Mother Earth. So there they went, trying to “plant” not only trees but also tits where they were needed 🙂 A lovely act of pure charity. Because at the end of the day it’s all about planting seeds anywhere and in any possible way, isn’t it?

But actually, the concept of charity porn is not new: from PiggyBankGirls we already started the first erotic crowdfunding. Girls all over the world could fund their projects for any cause they deemed relevant. That is how our site was born. In a similar fashion, Charitits begun as a way of giving an environmental friendly use to the industry of porn, which moves the majority of the internet traffic but which also has traditionally been heavily stigmatized.

We believe porn can actually be one of the healthiest activities if it’s fair to everybody involved.

We have no doubt that more people like our Charitits guys are needed to turn around the defamed commerce of porn. And here’s how Charitits and PiggyBankGirls became partners.

charitits porn ethics

We do have a lot in common! For example, other ideas that Charitits and PiggyBankGirls share are based on the concepts of bio porn and fair trade porn. Essentially and guided by these philosophies PiggyBankGirls operates true to the following rules: the girls can sell the content of their own choice, they get a fair share of the money and they can work in just and legal conditions. Also, we believe that fair trade porn enhances the promotion of gender equality and functions against all kinds of sexual slavery, violence, abuse, child pornography and animal cruelty.

After they came up with the idea for the organization, Fabien created the website for Charitits, which is basically a porn Google. For every 1000 visitors, Charitits will be able to reverse 2$ and once they have that money, they will donate it to “The Nature Conservancy”, the organization that plants the trees in Brazil.

Something else to keep in mind is that every time you use their site you’re also helping them generate revenues that are entirely donated to Ecosia, the charitable search engine that also grows trees. If you want to know more, you can find Charitits on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. So, the next time you feel like watching some nice porn and maybe jerking off for some relax, think of and make a difference: a few of your faps can equal a few more trees in the world. Worth a visit!

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