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Our Girl of the Week is Amy Fantasy, a 24 year old Puerto Rican Cosplayer and nude model who grew up on the Island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Normally she won’t tell people she doesn’t fully know what she does for a living and she tends to say that she’s a professional cosplayer and model. But since PiggyBankGirls is an adult entertainment industry friendly company, she gave us a more personal self description: “a grumpy crazy catlady who proudly makes cosplay porn”, she laughs. Amy is a fine art nude model and professional cosplayer by day and camgirl by night. She gets about 4-6 hours of modeling work per week, and sometimes she gets to do some fetish and softcore acting too. Also, she tries to cam about 9-12 hours per week, but she claims to be “a little lazy so sometimes that doesn’t happen… I suck…”. No, you don’t Amy!

Something she loves is cats and beer, “together, at the same time”, and something she hates is conservatives. She says the best thing about her is her “bootay”! Amy chose to work in the adult industry because she has always been attracted to nudity since she was a teenager: “Nude art, nude photography, nude cosplay, I’ve always found the naked human form to be beautiful and nothing that should be shunned for”. Amy started inching her way towards nude fine art modeling in Puerto Rico when she turned 18, where unfortunately she was heavily bullied and scrutinized. After that she moved to FL when she was 20 and discovered, a fine art nude cosplay website that really began to encourage her to feel more open about what she loved. From there, she explains, she discovered camming from some of the other girls “and the rest is kinda history”.

Her hero in this industry is Natalia Gray, because she was the one who inspired Amy to try camming (she wants to thank her from here!).

Amy remembers it was a really short exchange via Twitter, but it was all she needed to gather the confidence to try it: “Camming really saved my butt during a really tough time in my life, and in a way, seeing Natalia and her cam shows were what saved me too”. We are glad it all turned out for the best! If she could spend a day in her life being someone else it would be Jessica Nigiri: “that girl is living the LIFE”.

nude model amy fantasy piggybankgirls

She made a profile on PiggyBankGirls because she saw a lot of potential in our site! As someone who has had trouble in the past finding platforms to sell her content and safely make monetary exchanges with her customers, she thinks we were “a good fit” for her. She firmly believes we are a very promising company and, in her own words: “I want to ride that wave!”

Her favorite sex toy is still Pappa Smurf, her blue silicon dildo.

When asked what is the weirdest request she’s ever had she admits there have been quite a few things: “There are some weird people out there and I’m not really one of them”, she says laughing. She confesses that the story that probably has stuck with her the most was this very peculiar one: “this one dude who would come see me once a week and make me watch him ALMOST pour bleach on his D (sic). Yeah, I was glued to the screen for the first 2 times, and he’d tell me; ‘I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna pour bleach on it!!’ And he never did…After the following 4 times I got bored of it and he stopped seeing me”. Amy cracks up when she remembers it. Unlike this guy’s, her ultimate fantasy is not very out of line: “Tropical beach, cabana, really good sushi, my Hitatchi and lots of wine. My body is ready!”. After all, who isn’t a romantic?

If Amy could go to any place in the world it would be Japan or Thailand and hopefully, she tells us, she will get the chance to go to Thailand next Spring, as it’s going to be one of her campaign goals! The nicest place she’s ever been to is Flamenco beach in Puerto Rico. In her spare time she loves doing aerial silks and yoga, it’s what keeps her fit. Our girl also really enjoys hiking, good food, good beer and videogames. This special girl has a wild imagination and once she dreamed that she tried to eat a baby: “I decided not to because it was undercooked and smelled a bit spoiled”. That’s probably why baby is not her favorite food but mofongo with a big fried fish on the side 😛

In the future, Amy Fantasy hopes to eventually have her own photography and modelling studio where young women can go to seek guidance and learn about the adult industry in a safe environment: “I don’t know if that’s something I’ll have figured out in 5 years, but it’s definitely a main career goal”. She says if she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “DON”T CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!”. What can we say, she loves long hair! She also loves her fans because: “They support me no matter what, they know about my insecurities and are always happy to listen to my rants on how pissed I am that the mothership left me behind!” Finally she shares a funny secret with us: “I’m a fart machine”. Here’s to Amy Fantasy and the fun and amazing interview she gave us!

cosplayer amy fantasy piggybankgirls

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