Panties. Slips. Knickers. Many ways to name them and many functions to attach to them. Or did you think panties were only meant to be worn to cover girls’ crotches and butts? As it is, their other uses are lesser known. If you’re familiar with the latest and most popular shows you will have heard of the edgy Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) Netflix series starring Taylor Schilling, among many other outstanding actresses. But if you haven’t we will fill you in right away: a women’s prison, bone-chilling and heart-warming stories and lots of sex. Lots of women’s underwear too, as you can imagine. As a matter of fact, one of the subplots of Season 3 (SPOILER ALERT!!) is the worn panties business that protagonist Piper Chapman puts into place within the prison walls, with the help of one of the guards. In the outside her brother and sister-in-law help her set a selling website for men who are fascinated by used slips from dangerous inmates. But don’t fear! Our girls are not as menacing!

There is no doubt this story provides more than enough room for social commentary and it triggers the disparity of opinions. Is the trade of worn underwear a legitimate business? Actually it is. Is it degrading or condemnable? This is not for us to say because if there is something we do not like to do at PiggyBankGirls is to judge! This is why today we are offering you a wide selection of worn-by-PiggyBankGirls-panties for your own personal enjoyment!

The appearance in a widespread show of the panties business has set in motion a big response within this kind of market that, however, is not new at all. For example in Japan, “Burusera shops” have existed since the end of the 90’s. They are stores that sell worn school uniforms, panties and other fetishes. In the rest of the world this kind of sales are usually carried online. So, if you are into Japanese culture, comic books and/or cosplay check out our very own Anime lover XcutieMomoX, who is selling a pair of her cute underwear. Also a fan on cosplay is Amy Fantasy. Check out her undies and her creative and colorful pictures and videos.

In fact, the feminine underwear fetish is a very common one and there are several understandable reasons why it is so popular. If we haven’t convinced you yet of why it’s a good idea to purchase your favorite girl’s underwear, here are several reasons why it’s perfectly normal that you feel attracted to this fun fetish:

  1. Scent: many of the panty fans claim this piece of clothing is the closest one to a woman’s body and her intimate parts and therefore, the one that collects and keeps her true scent. Women usually are the only ones who handle their underwear and that makes these garment unique and very representative of every woman. Here’s to women’s individuality!
  2. Visual stimulation: when fantasizing visuality is a big aid, and not only the image of the naked body. For men, either seeing the panties on the woman covering what they want to see, or having them in their hands as a physical object reminiscent of the striptease act can be a strong stimulant.
  3. Imagination: same as the previous point, having a pair of fragrant panties in your hands can trigger imaginative responses and much more!
  4. Fantasy fulfilling: for many men, sometimes from a young age, accessing women’s underwear has been an all time fantasy, so here’s to achieving some dreams!
  5. Personal connection: if there is something that will help you empathize with the girl of your dreams it is knowing that you own one of her valued clothing items. It makes for a feeling of closeness!
  6. Women’s empowering: panties can be understood as a statement of femininity. They are sensual and sexual and not only meant to be enjoyed by men. When a woman buys panties, sometimes she might be thinking of (wo)men or of a specific (wo)man at the time, but not always. Often times she is thinking of herself and of how beautiful her body will look in that underwear. Feminine attributes don’t need the constant approval of men, with all due respect, but if you show consideration and/or feel admiration for the female body you may, after all, deserve enjoying these unique undergarments.

To finish off, we are introducing you to a selection of our PiggyBankGirls selling their underwear in our Shop. You might enjoy VeronikaGrit‘s sexy bikinis in several colors like black, white or pin; or Paris4a_Knight‘s collection that she uses while she “chaturbates”. BigBoobsDeria sells a couple of her thongs and KittyMinxi offers several of her panties pairs in different styles. You can purchase ShinySugar‘s favorite pair of panties or Chloe221‘s thongs or shorties.

We hope by now you are already “sniffing” around in our shop to consider buying some of these fantastic goods at spectacular prices. Remember these panties carry the scent and soul of these stunning women!

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