This week we are keeping up with your favorite fetishes! You were probably wondering “when are they gonna talk about dressing up?”. After all, it is traditionally one of the most well known so-called fetishes and one of the oldest porn categories. However, the relatively recent popularity of manga cosplay resulted in the coining of this term by anime producer Nobuyuki Takahashi, at Los Angeles’ World Science Fiction Convention in 1984. Cosplay is actually an abbreviation of “costume play” and not necessarily in a sexual fashion, like its cultural origin suggests. In this kind of conventions, fans dress up as their favorite manga, anime or superhero characters. The intrinsic relationship of cosplay and the sexual practice of role play with costumes has raised the alarms in regards to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, many people at these conventions think they can approach dressers in an openly sexual way, which is not at all the point of these activities. It is necessary to make a distinction between cosplay and sexual cosplay, which can be a healthy fetish if practiced consensually.

We can all agree that the mind can be the most powerful sexual organ, even more so when it’s full of imagination. There is no doubt that sex is very much about fantasizing, so cosplay offers a wide variety of possibilities to the creative minded. Actually, many couples admit that costume role playing has improved their sexual life! And this is probably because by playing somebody else people feel their inhibitions go away more easily. As a result, they can enjoy trying new things or they can let their imagination (this word again!) run wild. Now, if you browse the Internet you are apt to find a thousand lists of ideas for role playing, so we are not offering you any secret recipes. But we do want to remind you of the many options you have to spice things up in the bedroom 😉

  1. The boss and the secretary: A very common one, and an example of your typical roles of domination and submission. You just probably need a tie and a pair of make believe (or real) glasses, although you can dress up as much as you want. Bringing accessories to the enacting is also allowed: A laptop? A typewriter? Oh yes, you can make it look all vintage if you wish so! Another variation is the boss/employee – much more interchangeable and gender neutral.
  2. The teacher and the student: Another old friend, and also with a DS flair. Because who hasn’t had a dreamy teacher? #TILF!
  3. The maid and the boss or the maid and the butler: What? Not a fan of Downton Abbey? Sure you will feel it when your partner tickles you with that feather duster…
  4. The doctor and the patient or the doctor and the nurse: Still sticking to the traditions but with plenty of possibilities. Go on and pull out that old sexy nurse Halloween costume, get a stethoscope and use it well.
  5. The repairman and the housewife: If only all the repairmen were as sexy as they look like in the movies! Still a huge fantasy though, where you can use hoses and all kinds of tools…
  6. The hitchhiker and the driver: Only the most adventurous ones might wanna try this one out because you might need a car to make it believable. And a road. Thumbs up!
  7. Two strangers at a bar: Another scenario where you might have to get out of the house. It can be very exciting to pretend like you’ve never met your partner, approach them at the bar and buy them a martini. But please, go to a club where nobody knows you, don’t make it weird!
  8. The cheerleader and the football player: Dust off those old high school uniforms and get into full sport mode on. Oh, and this one allows for pigtails. Cute. And careful how you use those pompoms!
  9. The fireman and the victim: If you are all about the uniforms, this and the next one on the list will make you happy. But you don’t even need a full costume if you don’t care so much, you can just get a fireman hat from the store and get ready for lots of fire!
  10. The cop and the criminal: Patting down or being patted down turns you on? Here’s one where you can use those cufflinks you keep in the bedroom drawer. And don’t forget to read their Miranda rights!

Our list doesn’t end up here but we need to stop. There are so many others that you can attempt, like the client and the call girl, the waiter and the diner, the massager and the client, the voyeur and the exhibitionist, the painter and the muse, or your favorite movie/book/comic characters. If you feel more daring you can change the roles or the sexes in the couple, for example, if you are always on top, then swap places; or be the girl if you are the guy and vice-versa.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: our girls’ videos on cosplay. There are so many of them that love to dress up just for you! For instance, Russian_Beauty shows us different and sexy cosplays in this 350 picture set. She also loves dressing up as a vampire girl! Amy Fantasy is essentially always a cosplayer, so you can check out her whole profile to find her dressed as your favorite anime characters but here are a couple of examples: “Your favorite Yandere” and “Neko Girl Photoset“. 

RavenRaith goes all villain playing The Joker in this pic set, and she mocks the Easter Bunny on this other one. Riley loves Christmas and she can’t wait for the festivities to start, so she dresses up as Santa’s Little Helper, but don’t miss her sailor costume either! And yet another Christmas fan is Chloe 221: she will show you in this sexy video.

You will also wanna see MILF NikkiNevada dressed as a schoolgirl and as a nurse. Check out her profile for more of those! LulluGun will make you sweat with her Hardcore Porn pics, where she dresses up as a maidand XcutieMomoX pretends to be desert slave Princess LeiaAlso not to miss, the geek photos from Abi Grey, because “sometimes you just gotta be someone different!”, like she says. Lastly, Ellie Rigby loves her Waldo girl costume, and so will you!

From PiggyBankGirls we hope you have had your share of fun looking at the nice costumes our girls like to wear. Keep enjoying yourself!

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