Derived from Greek pygos, “buttocks”, and philia, “love”, pygophilia actually means the sexual arousing caused by the rear part of a person, more specifically, the butt cheeks.

Like in the famous song by Sir Mix-a-Lot, do you like big butts and you cannot lie? Discover now that your love for giant asses has a name and that it’s a fetish, and you will appear more up to date in the current trends of the sex world! Today, let us introduce you (ehem) to pygophilia. And, no, we are not referring to the love for PiggyBankGirls! You got it? Never mind. And, yes, it is considered a fetish. However, it is one of the most innate fetishes that you can find. According to some scientists, the reason behind this likeness is the natural attraction men feel for the ass of women: apparently, in terms of reproduction a juicy booty is supposed to be the top “baby factory” guarantee. Nonetheless, it would be rather unfair to make this claim for only heterosexual people, as a considerable amount of the gay population also base their sexual activity in the delights of the ass. Oh, isn’t the human tail a wonderful part of the body? And, just to be clear, we are not even talking about the asshole, just the cheeks (if you can’t have enough, check out our upcoming post about anal sex, soon enough!).

The bottom, the butt, the ass, the arse, the tush, the tushy, the bum… soooo many names for that round and bulky part of the anatomy that gives so many pleasures and satisfactions.

There are many fans of the ass, some unconfessed, some openly admitting of their admiration. Others, pure worshippers. In fact, did you know that his worshipping might derive from history? The Greeks and the Romans praised the Callipygian Venus, which literally means “Venus (or Aphrodite) of the beautiful buttocks”. It was a statue that depicted a seminude woman uncovering her bottom, and looking back and down over her shoulder, according to Wikipedia, perhaps to evaluate it. So, apparently the obsession with this body part is not new at all.

Would that fascination explain the proliferation of ass surgery in the last few years? Many women, and also some men, have visited the operating room to add some volume to their rears, for the most part following the trends set by the bodies of celebrities such as Jennifer López, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj or the Kardashian sisters, among many others, as you can see in this so-called Booty Gallery”.

Some people can even obtain an orgasm from these practices alone but for others it can be just a great way of enriching their sex life.

Pygophilia, what a new and fancy word just to talk about ass, you are probably thinking. People who are into it get turned on through touching, feeling, squeezing, groping, grabbing, pawing, kissing, licking, tasting, nibbling and even biting, slapping and spanking the ass cheeks. Actually, and only because we wanna be accurate, you will like to know that there’s a difference between pygophilia (sexual attraction caused by the human buttocks) and pygotripsis (arousal caused by the rubbing of buttocks). But anyways, they’re very close. If you are one of those who can come from just seeing somebody shake or touch their booty, you are definitely a pygophilliac, but don’t despair! It is not worrisome! We promise. But, what now? Is everyone who likes big butts a pygophilliac? That’s not for us to say, but for you dick when it feels the soft texture of some good piece of ass! 😉

So, are you ready to get the biggest hard-on watching these girl’s booties?

In this video you can grab, slap and smell BigBoobsDeria’s ass or see it bounce! If you are into sexy big Latinas’ asses you can check out Riana Ton’s clip. Erincalifornia twerks hers with a foxtail butt plug and Candyforeyes squeezes her booty just for you. You can also enjoy these pictures of Bella Lucia‘s and Enola sugar‘s asses: delightful! And last, but not least, Lunahot also has something for you, don’t miss these two sets of pictures of her rear part: sexy and sexier. We hope you have enjoyed these previews of what our girls offer you and hurry up to the PiggyBankGirls site: this time, don’t get left behind 😉

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