There is no doubt that the popularity of the novel series “50 Shades of Grey” by E. L. James (also recently turned into a movie starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan) has awakened the interest for fetishism, a concept that many people believe to know a lot about. However, because of mainstream culture, the ignorance towards fetishistic matters is often appalling. The stereotypes of popular culture often associate fetishism with images of either shoe-licking weirdos or outraging and humiliating BDSM practices, often mixing up terminologies and concepts. But don’t be fooled, the world of fetishism is a very broad and fascinating one, so it should not be stigmatized because it is an original and harmless way of expressing one’s sexuality. At PiggyBankGirls we offer you our share of fetish objects and fantasies, and this is why today we are introducing you to some of the goods our girls have in store for you. Don’t miss them!
But first a little digging in… What is fetishism?

If we try to avoid Wikipedia for once and we rely on more illustrated sources, the Oxford Dictionary defines fetishism as “a form of sexual behaviour in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, activity, part of the body, etc.”. Let us check a different source: the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term as “1. belief in magical fetishes, 2. extravagant irrational devotion, and 3. the pathological displacement of erotic interest and satisfaction to a fetish”. Many big words for just a bunch of people beating each other up, huh? Gratification, abnormal, magical, extravagant, irrational, pathological displacement… Some of these terms might sound scary to a more conservative thinker, to somebody who feels guilt when experimenting sexual desire or even to your average person. In fact, some religions radically condemn all of these concepts, and that has undoubtedly influenced contemporary beliefs in a negative way. The materialism associated to fetishism doesn’t help its case either because it is, after all, often based on the cult of objects. Let’s see about that.

What is a fetish? Again, the dictionary provides three definitions: “1. a strong and unusual need or desire for something; 2. a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement; and 3. an object that is believed to have magical powers”. There it is again: the word “magical”. One can’t help but think what does magic have to do with our beloved Christian Grey and her not-so-submissive but kind of idiotic Anastasia? Oh, well, the true origins of fetishism feel so detached from the current (mis)conceptions these days that everything has been reduced to a dark red room with leashes, whips and high-heeled shoes. This last item is related to foot fetishism, also called foot worship or, more technically, podophilia: one of the most extended and popular ones. Because many parts of women’s bodies can be attractive, and not only the most common ones.

You also might like to know that, in the beginning, the word fetish aimed to explain the idol worshipping of African tribes and their material culture, of course, from the point of view of the extremely Christian European colonizers. The clash of such different cultures required a justification for the devotion that Africans showed towards their art objects, which had an attached meaning and value to them. With all due caution and respect we can say that, in a similar way, some of our PiggyGirls feel love and attachment for certain personal items (shoes, socks and pantyhose) and they can offer them to you as goods that will satisfy your every fetishistic fantasy in ways you could have never imagined.

For example, German LulluGun is selling a few of her worn shoes that she used for several clips, so if you are a fan of her work you might think about buying hers and helping her out. She will also include some pictures! On her part, RavenRaith is selling her Batman socks, so if you are a comic nerd and/or you dig this Canadian redhead, you can get them and allow her to buy brand new superhero ones. She loves them! American QueenKaylee wants to sell you her worn pantyhose and she offers an extra 24 hours of wearing them “without panties unless you request otherwise”. Think about it. And last but not least, Enola Sugar from France also wants you to have her worn pantyhose and fishnet tights. She has them in several colors, even fluorescent. Check them out!

We are sure after seeing what they have to offer you won’t think these girls are abnormal, extravagant, irrational or that they suffer from pathological displacement, like some dictionaries suggest. But you will think they’re… magical. Come into our Shop and feel the magic through their personal garments!

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