Our girl of the week is CosplayerDomi. Meet this naughty cosplay girl and see the photo sets that will make you shiver.


Domi is a southern girl from Tennessee currently living in Namek. You wouldn’t guess her unobvious path: our girl does martial arts! She has two black belts – first degree in Wado-Ryu and third degree in Shotokan. Currently, she practices Karate and Krav Maga, and is on level 5 of the latter. Besides this invulgar hobby, Domi is a full-time science college student. Our cosplayer is also a huge anime fan and a gamer.

Her cosplay adventure started back in 2011 when she went to her first Con in her hometown – The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC). Domi referred in an interview with Gamers Bliss in 2014 that she got into cosplay because her Middle School friends “forced” her to. Since then, she’s been giving it all! After little more than one year, her first live set was made on Cosplay Deviants.

When asked what advice she would give to people who want to start cosplaying, the cosplayer was truly motivating: “Ignore the people that don’t have anything good or useful to say, and cosplay who you want and just have fun”, she said.

Know more about one of the hottest cosplay girls

Her birthday is on the 14th of March, which makes her a Pisces. She lives with her cats, whom have the privilege of having their own private room.
Domi loves Nintendo and she is a manga collector who claims to buy every volume from the series she reads!
Actually, according to the artist, she lives online and doesn’t have a life. Dragon Ball, The Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft are some of the fandoms she takes part in.

Domi’s guilty pleasure is buying figures. It appears that her figure collection is slowly conquering all the space in her house! “Seriously…I have a problem. I’m running out of room in rooms of my house to put them all. I don’t even open most of them for Christ’s sake.”, she said.

So, now that you know a little about the background of our girl, maybe you want to know more? Well, she’s quite tinny, she’s a dark brown-haired girl with a fit body and stunning natural big DD-E tits. To join these specs you can count with brown nipples and brown pussy. For those who like piercings and tattoos, we’ve got you covered because this girl has it all!

This deliciously fit cosplayer is also very exotic, as she has mixed ethnicities. Domi identifies with a heterosexual orientation and her preferences feature Costume, Striptease and Submission, among others.

Cosplayerdomi: The Behavior of a sexy cosplay girl on Web

You can find her in multiple platforms, so you don’t have any excuse not to follow Domi and her work. She’s on traditional social media, such as Twitter or Instagram. On Twitter, with more than 6k followers, you can find more personal content about her opinions and tastes in the form of written content, videos and photos. On Instagram she prevails, with more than 29,3k followers, and the reasons are obvious. There, you can find her own widely varied Cosplay content and, occasionally, more personal posts, such as holiday photos.

Domi is also on Patreon, where her supporting community has grown noticeably since its start! There you can become a Patron and have special access to the best of the “lewds and pretty pictures” she creates! For now, her profile has about 430 patron-only posts. By becoming a patron, you can gain access to exclusive signed monthly prints, an exclusive Snapchat and Discord access, Previews and BTS of Cosplay Deviant sets and Patreon sets, among other valuable content.

Domi started by using only social media, but the fans asked for a Patreon account. After using it for some time, Domi feels that Patreon makes it easier for fans to keep up with her content and support her art.

In the private archive of her blog, she shares nudes and sexy pictures. You’ll also find previews for donation sets and some previews from the Cosplay sets she releases on her page on Cosplay Deviants.

Domi has joined PiggyBankGirls in November 2018 and is here to stay. In her profile, Cosplayerdomi, she shares the lewdest content with her followers. There, you can find her Gallery and paid content such as thematic Picture Sets. Don’t miss any of it!

18+ Cosplayerdomi: a sexy cosplay girl from Tenesse
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18+ Cosplayerdomi: a sexy cosplay girl from Tenesse
Meet Cosplayer Domi! She's a tiny sexy cosplayer girl from Tennessee with an all natural body. She loves anime, gaming and and much more. Curious, uh?
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